Session 7


How can principals support inquiry
Running good inquiry learning is not easy, as leader of your school you need to have a clear idea of …
  • what quality learning is
  • what you want your teachers to be achieving
  • the link between inquiry, school vision and school curriculum
  • the practical issues of how much school infrastructure actually acts as barriers to good inquiry
This will also be your chance to ask questions.
Trevor Bond
A look at what this programme is all about and a tour of the huge range of information on the website.
You will be able to log on and be guided through the site.
Next we will compare data from two or three schools across the North Island and brainstorm how we could use this data.
We will look at the Schoolgen resources on Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency and discuss ways to link the Schoolgen Programme to your school's Curriculumn Plan.

Maggie Twaddle
TakingITGlobal - Inspire. Inform. Involve.
A presentation looking at Global partnerships through TakingITGlobal, ePals and iEARN. Look at some examples and hear some stories about projects.
Liz Stevenson
Using Data in MUSAC software
The session will use a Power Point presentation to provide an overview of the ways data can be used in MUSAC ClassRoom Manager.
The first
part of the session will demonstrate how data entered by teachers can be used by them for grouping and also for tracking individual students.
The second part will demonstrate the various ways data can used to assist the senior management of the school to look at trends and identify weaknesses.
There will be plenty of time for Questions. (This is not a training session)

Jason Stevenson
A Digital Classroom - Sitech Systems
· Introduction to IWBs, Microscope, Vado HD Cam
· Visual Presenter “What is it?”
· Easi-Speak “Preparing Audio E-Portfolio Assets”
· Redcat – Voice Distribution Systems “Loud Voices require Harsh Energy”
This will be a simple hands-on session. Attendees will prepare e-portfolio assets i.e. video record, audio record, still image and document archives.

William Fitzgerald
Sitech Systems
UltraNet LMS
Why should schools be using online learning environments? How do they benefit our school communities? How do they complement best practice and meet the increasing needs of our 21st Century learners?
Angela Longney
and Kat Storey


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