The focus of the conference is on Inquiry
Trevor Bond is the Keynote Speaker

Workshops confirmed to date

How to "do" Inquiry in the Junior classroom
How to "do" Inquiry in the Middle classroom
How to "do" Inquiry in the Senior classroom
Questioning - what and how
How can principals support inquiry
Genesis SchoolGen programme
UltraNet SMS
Five ways to get the best out of New Zealand Curriculum Online
Taking It Global
Sustainability - so where to after 2010?
Using data in MUSAC software
A Digital Classroom with Sitech Systems equipment
Playtime with Sitech gadgets
Using Flip video cameras - short and long versions
ICT in the Junior classroom
Using GIMP
A tour of the Software for Learning site
What is Animation and how can you do it

"If teachers want their children to breathe in new ideas
they must reveal themselves to children as learners." (Barth 1990)